Elginkan Group has been founded in 1951 by Elginkan Family, one of the well- established families of the city of Manisa. The family had a dream to transform the company to a foundation, an eternal community that provides educational scholarships as well as vocational training platforms for many people in need. In this respect the Foundation has been established in 1985 by the Elginkan Family.

All companies belong to Elginkan Group has been shaped based on this commitment, that waste is wrong and sustainable business approach will be the main principle of the community to serve future generations.

Elginkan Foundation is working as a pioneer to provide vocational and technical training centers which are divided into three main topics such as vocational trainings, supplemental courses and total quality management seminars. 

Trainings are provided by trained trainers and specialist teachers from vocational high schools and the Ministry of Education.

At the end of training programs, the trainees are invited to take the exam and to complete a successful apprenticeship. The trainees are awarded a “Certificate of Achievement” by the Ministry of National Education. Participation in seminars is awarded a “seminar participation certificate” at the end of the seminar.