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Founded in 1951 by Ekrem Elginkan, E.C.A is one of the most powerful Turkish industrial groups with 14 manufacturing sites and 21 companies.

Our aim is to be a sustainable company, who protects the planet, creates equal opportunities and a healthy operating business for the development and the future of our organization and people.

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Our experience will help you create a quality product

Great Experience

Great experience at the ECA branch today, the team were so helpful in putting together the right package for my needs. The boiler has now been installed and I’m really happy with the overall experience. Friendly professional service and great after care.

Smart and efficient ECA Boilers

ECA boiler was installed 6 months ago. It looks smart and works efficiently. I can say that I have absolutely no regrets, and worth every penny!

Definitely would recommend ECA

They are good boilers to work on, easy to install, they look smart, very good price, good warranty, and most importantly unlike a lot of manufacturers they are easy to get in contact with and have a brilliant aftercare service, the team at ECA are very helpful. Definitely tick all the boxes for me.

One of the Best

ECA boilers are truly one of the best boilers on the market right now.

Great boilers great prices

 I was recommended by one of my neighbours who also had an ECA boiler fitted in their house 3 years ago. I am really happy with the boiler, it has saved me a lot of money compared to other quotes I had from the other brands. I will definitely recommend ECA boilers to all landlords.

Reliable and cost-wise

So glad we changed our old boiler last week. We were lucky that our installer suggested replacing it with our dear new ECA electric boiler. It’s so reliable and I’m glad it will be saving me money from now on.

Highly Recommend

The new replacement gas boiler is working efficiently and really quietly. The engineer installed it without any problem. I love the touch screen and am very pleased with how it looks. I suggest that all of my friends and family.

Reliable and Competitive Price

It is about 8 months since the ECA boiler was installed. The boiler is more efficient and economical than my previous one. It’s also reliable and works quietly. I recommend ECA boilers to everyone who wants to change their boiler.

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