Valfsel Armatür Sanayi A.Ş.

The company, foundation of which  was laid in 1957 as E.C.A. Pres Döküm Sanayi Ltd. Şti, started its operations as Valfsel Armatür Sanayi A.Ş. in İstanbul Samandıra in 1978.

New investments, which were deemed necessary in order to meet the heavy demand for armatures produced with the brand E.C.A. and for 'producing the top quality with advanced technology', which was determined as the indispensable mentality of Valfsel, were completed and Manisa Factory established in 1992 in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone was incorporated into the Company. On the other hand, integration was completed by incorporating Eltor A.Ş., which had been operating in Edirne since 1972, into Valfsel A.Ş. in 1994 for ensuring coordination in production and unity in quality. Samandıra factory was moved in 1995 and Edirne factory was moved in 2000 to Manisa in order to control costs effectively and increase planning and research-development productivity; and optimum use of all company resources was ensured.

Today Valfsel Armatür Sanayi A.Ş. process 4.980 tons of brass and produces 4.200.000 pieces of armature, inner mechanism, syphon and complementary good with 2 companies in a closed area of 20.457 m2 on a total area of 62.281 m2.

Main product range of the company is composed of Single and Dual Controlled armatures, Technological armatures and complementary goods.

Along with its high capacity, Valfsel ranks among the important complete facilities when Casting, Forging, Multiple Shaft Automatic Machine, Multiple Station Processing, Polishing and Surface Coating starting from Design stage and Assembly Units finally, are taken into consideration.

Domestic and foreign sales of the company are performed by Elmor A.Ş. and Eleks A.Ş., both of which are also companies of the Elginkan Community.  USA, Germany, England, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, North African Countries, Turkic Republics and Middle Eastern countries are the primary countries, which the company having a domestic market share of 40%, makes export to.  After-sale customer services are carried out through 257 domestic authorized services of Emar A.Ş., which is the company of the Community.

VALFSEL has the highest number of patent, utility model and design registries in Turkey with its unique ideas it develops.  It leads development of Turkish armature sector with such characteristics.  Many R&D works carried out by the company on armatures are supported by the Technology and Innovation Funding Programs Directorate (TEYDEB).  This support is also an indicator that VELFSEL materializes new and different ideas.  According to the latest data, there are more than 100 design registered products and 24 patents and utility models together with domestic and foreign applications in VALFSEL, in which the share of R&D expenditures within general expenditures is gradually increasing.  Being at the top of the agenda with its breakthroughs it makes in design, Valfsel is making its brand stronger with design awards it receives in national and international arena.