Thermostatic Batteries: Comfort and economy together....

26 tons of water saving in a year by fixing water temperature....

Comfort is arriving at every area where this water, with thermostatic batteries of E.C.A. Now you will be able to use two different armatures at your home at desired temperature 'simultaneously'. Thanks to our battery eliminating the effect of pressure fluctuations in hot and cold water, your battery will be at the temperature you have set after the battery is in the regime thus, you will not compromise on your comfort.

In standard and mixed batteries, water is either too cold or too hot since the adjustment is disrupted in each opening-closing after battery is in the regime. In the event that cold water is cut unexpectedly, incoming hot water is also cut thanks to the thermostat system, thus negative reflection of temperature changes arising from sudden changes in pressure to user is prevented.  Flowing water is limited to 38°C, which is the safe value for washing water temperature, through the red safety button on the battery.  Control range is 20-50°C and washing water temperature values higher than 38°C is reached by closing the safety button.

Moreover, water runs for nothing and tons of water is wasted every year until it reaches the temperature you desire.  You can save 26 tons of water a year by using thermostatic battery instead of a dual handle armature.   

What can be done with 26 tons of water saved?

  • Dishwasher can be operated for 2166 times.
  • Washing machine can be operated for 147 times.
  • 5 minute shower can be taken for 433 times.