Our Founder

Decedent H. Ekrem Elginkan was born in 1924 in İzmir.

Having finished İzmir Male High School, he graduated from İstanbul Technical University in 1948 as Mechanical

Professional Engineer.

He founded his first company in 1951.

He led many initiatives in Turkish industry through factories he established.

He took his place among the immortals of the business world with his exemplary character and successes he achieved.

H. Ekrem Elginkan, who made the first step in institutionalization of companies and stated in every opportunity that he gave this decision as a result of the trust he has for his colleagues, H. Ekrem Elginkan had aimed to create a Community managed by foundation.  Seeing that the Community could survive on its own and make moves was the aim he paid attention to the most.

Having enough tolerance, vision and principles to say his colleagues: 'Even I have made a mistake, state it clearly in your report', decedent H. Ekrem Elginkan maintained his work life without even making a slight concession to obedience to justice and law.

H. Ekrem Elginkan passed away in June 2 1999.

"All I wish from God is continuation of all organizations I have established, their creating job opportunities for people as organizations beneficial to the country, paying tax to the state and being example to those that will come after us.".

H. Ekrem Elginkan
The Founder of Elginkan Community