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What is amount of water saving to be made by a family composed of 3 persons, each of whom uses water for at least 5 day every day, by using mixed battery?


Family uses water for a total of 15 min; that makes 270 lt a day out of 15 x 18 lt, which means 97.200 lt. of water per year.  If the family uses mixed battery, they will use 120 lt out of 15 x 8 a day and 43.200 lt of water in a year.

Family saves 54 tons of water by using mixed battery.

What can be done with 54 tons of water saved?

  • Dishwasher can be operated for 4500 times.
  • Washing machine can be operated for 306 times.
  • 5 minute shower can be taken for 900 times.
  • One can take bath in bathtub for 350 times.  

E.C.A.  'products not threating health....'

As known, Cu - Zn - Pb alloy (Copper - Zinc - Lead alloy) is used in faucet and battery type armature manufacturing. 

When water waits in armature, metallic or non-metallic components, which contact water, release various toxic substances into water.  Moreover, all plastic, rubber parts and oil used cause micro-organic formations within water. All these toxic effects cause serious damage on nerve system and various diseases, cancer in particular.

Most important of them is lead found within raw material.  

Dissolving of lead within part and dissemination of it into water within time causes irregularities in learning and concentration talents of children and affects brain development; and leads to problems such as hearing loss, deceleration of growth and behaviour disorders. Should pregnant women receive significant amounts of lead in their bodies, their unborn babies are affected by it. Lead causes joint and muscular pain, hypertension, infertility, memory loss and even crises in adults. As E.C.A., we aim to prioritize healthy, comfortable and economic consumption through standards we provide today. 

All non-metallic plastic and rubber parts contacting with water and oil we use in our products are procured without harm to human health and have NSF 61-9 (USA), WRAS (England) and ACS (France) hygiene certificates.

Serious restrictions have been brought to lead in recent years, America and Europe in particular.  However, low rates of lead reduce the processability capacity of material.

As E.C.A., we also want to make lead-free material producible and usable in Turkey. TEYDEB project was executed for development of lead-free brass material through TAREL A.Ş. which is a company of the Elginkan Community and located in METU Teknokent, and patent was obtained for the material. The raw material developed is produced by ELSAN A.Ş. which is a company of the Elginkan Community.