Matel Hammadde Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Having started its operations in 1980, Matel Hammadde Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was established in the beginning to solely meet the raw material demand of Serel Seramik. However with commissioning of new mine sites, it started selling to other organizations and exporting by strengthening its mine reserve and technical staff.

Today, Matel performs 600.000 tons of production its mines located in seven different cities across the country.

Having ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System Certificate, the company has 19 mines, Clay Filtering Facility with a capacity of 15.000 tons/year, Silica Sand Treatment Facility with a capacity of 40.000 tons/year, Micronized Mineral Grinding Facilities and fully equipped Laboratory with advanced technology and three different Mineral Crushing and Preparation Facilities with a total capacity of 500.000 tons.

Mining subjects such as coal and marble were also dealt with in the growing period, in which sales and product variety increased.  Realizing the first use of syenite mineral in ceramic sector, Matel undertook various enterprises in this period.  These are Clay Filtering Facility, Bilecik Raw Material Grinding Facility, Milas Feldspat Grinding Facility, Bilecik Laboratory, Bursa Syenite Grinding Facility, Silica Sand Treatment Facility and finally Bilecik Hard Mineral Milling Facilities established in 2000.


Matel considers protection of environment as well as quality important as an expression of its respect to the society.  Acting with this sensitivity, old mines are forested to be left to next generations and what is taken from nature is again returned to it.  Such exemplary activities of the company are awarded 'ISO Industrial Enterprises Environmental Encouragement Award' given by İstanbul Chamber of Commerce in 2000.

Having a reliable position and reputation in mining and ceramic sector, Matel aims to grow by increasing not only his domestic but also foreign sales.