ELPER Yatırım

ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY was in search towards providing contribution in financial terms at the end of 1970s, in which the world economy was struggling with crises.

It was decided to establish a company under the name ELPER YATIRIM A.Ş. in order to draw the savings of Turkish workers to Turkey, who dominantly lived in Europe and constituted a significant resource for the Turkish economy.

Being one of the 3 man investor companies of the ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY, ELPER was founded in 1978.


Contributing to the national economy by participating in investments and financing of Stock Corporations and making preliminary investments regarding them.

Utilizing investments of companies, which have the potential to make profit, through funds it will generate within itself.

Giving warnings from a central system regarding investment, financing, technology selection, organization, management and supervision in development of economic life, thus ensuring development and continuity of companies that are and will be established.

Establishing Foundations in parallel with economic developments or taking social actions by participating in such Foundations.

Buying equities and shares of joint stock or limited liability companies established for every kind commercial, industrial, agricultural and financial purposes, or taking the over with the same capital, participating in their capital increase, buying equities and shares it possesses or holds to third persons or replacing them with other equities.

Buying bonds to be issued by the state of companies and selling bonds it holds to capital markets.

Pledging for credits of companies of which it is the shareholder or partner.