ELEKS Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

ELEKS Dış Ticaret A.Ş., foundations of which were laid in the beginning of 1980, was established in 1989 in order to sell all products produced by the Companies of the ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY to abroad. In this period, ELEKS not only established the coordination of the Community with the world but also contributed to Turkey's export based development plan. E.C.A. branded central heating boilers, heating installations and gas valves, panel radiators, kitchen-bathroom taps & mixers and shower systems, SEREL branded vitrified ceramic products, Odöksan branded cast bathtub and radiators, cast sub-industry products and ceramic and brass raw materials have globalized through ELEKS.

With its products, which are environmentally sensitive, offer economy and comfort together, care about energy efficiency and have international quality certificates, ELEKS Dış Ticaret A.Ş. makes export to 100 countries of the world, which have different cultures and economic statuses from each other, including entire America and Europe, Middle East, Middle Asia, Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States, Chili in South America, and reaching China in Far Asia. Leading the development of the export potential of the Companies of the ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY with the confidence of being a big company, which it takes from its production and technological infrastructure, ELEKS provides significant amounts of foreign currency entry into Turkish economy every year.  It also contributes to preference of 'Made in Turkey' marked products abroad with products of the Community Companies having high quality standards.

Engaged constantly in works towards change in order to be successful in global markets, ELEKS adopts targets such as contributing further to globalization of the Community Companies by developing its sales and marketing activities in this direction and accelerating profitable growth, and contributing adding value as principles. ELEKS continues its activities in the path of becoming a 'global company'.