ELBA Basınçlı Döküm Sanayi A.Ş. (Odöksan Osmaneli Branch)

ODÖKSAN operates in Osmaneli 30 km away from Bilecik on Adapazarı-Bilecik highway as Osmaneli Branch of Elba A.Ş., which is connected to the Elginkan Community and headquarters of which is located in Manisa.

Founded in 1973, ODÖKSAN produces cast iron products and semi-products. Its main products are dynamic dampeners, handle, pulley, disc brake, brake drum, hydraulic brake center, brake knuckle and various parts for automotive sector; and also enameled cast iron bathtub, cast iron radiator, sink, boiler sections and stove parts. Cast types are GJL-150, GJL-200, GJL-250, GJL-300, EN-GJS-400, EN-GJS-500, and EN-GJS-600 and alloy parts on special demand.

Established on a total open area of 110.000 m⊃2; and a closed area of 40.000 m⊃2;, the factory is an integrated facility with its metal melting, various molding and casting lines, sand preparation units, coreroom, cleaning units, completion and assembly units, enamel preparation and enameling units.

Production was started in 1976 with a total of 1250 tons (approximately 50.000 m⊃2; radiator) and enameled cast iron basin manufacturing was added in 1982. Annual melting capacity has reached 40 thousand tons by today. It can still manufacture 1 million m⊃2; radiator, 150.000 enameled cast iron bathtubs and perform 12.000 tons of casting and employs almost 350 people.

Our productions are performed in a reliable, precise and fast manner with computer aid in our PLC controlled, hydraulic compression molding lines and machinery we have, and developed in accordance with changing technologies. With modern equipment and our experienced personnel, our target is not to confine ourselves to current system and perform more quality, faster and cheaper production.

With its current advanced technology and automation, the facility also performs finishing of its own products. Along with domestic sales, casting export is made as final product to automotive, construction equipment, agricultural machine parts and various similar sectors. Moreover, it has enameled cast iron bathtub and cast iron radiator export.  Export companies are primarily Germany, England, Italy, Poland, Hungary, USA, Russia, Tunisia, Jordan, Ukraine and Egypt.