E.C.A. Germany GmbH

E.C.A. Germany GmbH was founded in 2001 in order to market the products of the companies of the Elginkan Community in Germany. Company is located in the city of Mainz in Germany. E.C.A. Germany GmbH is also guiding the Community as the representative of the Elginkan Community in Europe regarding follow-up of technological developments and competition with our global rivals. E.C.A. Germany GmbH has ensured that Community products produced at high quality take its place among its global rivals under the names of E.C.A. and SEREL brands within Germany and in neighbouring companies.  Performing sales mainly to the professional channel, E.C.A. Germany GmbH ensured 3 times of growth within the last five years.  In order to meet increasing customer demands, 3.000 M2 closed depot area in Köln is used in addition to the 2.000 M2 office and depot area in Meinz.